In conclusion Geoblock systems Will Enable you to deliver more solutions in more situations  to more projects.

Partnership through Technology for Success

   Product Licensing 

   Complete Technical Support.

· Design Drawings.

· Structural Calculations.

· Advise & Support.

· International Site Visits.

· Product Development .

· Unique & innovative Connection Technology.

· Geogrid, Mar-Web &  Geotextile supply through Geoblock.




We offer a number of Product Design solutions to accommodate your market, so the aesthetic aspect of our technology is flexible allowing you to offer solutions in, Commercial & Domestic Landscaping  to Highway Projects further more our products can even be faced with local stone or brick.


Our main goal is to enable your company to deliver a complete solution in your country's retaining wall market.

This will enable you to realize more profit by offering a world  proven retaining wall system.


If your client has a problem we have the solution